Green Team

Hip Hip Hooray Bin Donations SY20
Green Team maintains the butterfly garden and recycles paper/plastics, ink and more.  

This year the students brainstormed and voted on projects the team will work on - BinIt Donation Drive, Sharing Basket Collection, Start composting, plan a Bak Beautification Day, and incorporate Meatless Mondays. Other projects include Collection of used markers and Wands for Wildlife.  


Starts March 16th through April 30th

Green Team hopes to collect 1,000 lbs of textiles in March/April.  Green Team will be collecting unwanted clothing, shoes, bedding, handbags, backpacks, stuffed animals, belts, sneakers, blankets and any/all textiles.  We accept ripped and stained items, even one shoe without its mate, as these will be repurposed/recycled into something useful.

Bin is located in the parking lot, between the carline and the sports field.  Fundraising will be doubled once the goal of 1,000 lbs is achieved.

Thank you in advance for helping save our planet and keep items out of the landfill!

Bak's 2017-18 Green Team