SY22 Admissions & Audition Guidelines-4 Languages

Admissions Information for Bak MSOA
Posted on 08/13/2019

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Bak Admission & Audition Guidelines SY22
English Version Click Here
Haitian Creole Version Click Here
Spanish Version Click Here
Portuguese Version Click Here

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 Go to the SDPBC Choice & Career Department website for information concerning every facet of Choice.

Examples of info that is contained on this Choice website:
- Choice Program information
- Choice Booklet
- Choice policies, and procedures 
- Choice Transportation Zones
Deadlines and Application Procedures: 

Take a look at the Discover Bak Video that is located on the Bak MSOA's Home Page!

For audition process related questions, please contact the Bak Magnet Office at 561-882-3819 or email me at