Students & Parents

After School Tutoring via Google Meet


If students need assistance in completing assignments/HW in the subjects listed below, they may join an after school Google Meet that will connect students with a teacher that can provide assistance. This tutorial service is being provided after school - please look below for specific dates and times. 

If you are absent due to illness or “Q” coding, make sure you look at your Google Classrooms each school day, and complete and submit as much work as possible. This will ensure that you do not get too far behind in your classwork/homework. You will still have time, per district guidelines, to make up the missed work while you were not in school. 

Please look at the procedures and rules below (*violation may result in discipline per the student Code of Conduct):

  1. Look below for specific times for the Google Meets - Days are  Monday-Thursday.
  2. *Students should MAY NOT be on a Google Meet UNLESS the teacher is present. If the teacher is not present, log-off. 
  3. There may be a day where we do not have a tutor available in the subject that you chose. Look below for specific days.