Mask Opt-Out Procedures 11/8/21

Stakeholders should have received district notification that beginning on Monday, November 8, 2021, parents will have the opportunity to exercise a Mask Opt-Out for their child.
If parents are choosing the mask opt-out for their child/children, please submit a document with the following information (the school will not accept emailed or faxed notification/documentation):

1. Students must submit, to the Main Office, a letter from their parent that includes the following information (printed or typed):
a. Date;
b. Student name;
c. Student I.D. number;
d. Grade level;
e. Parent name;
f.  Statement that the parent is exercising the mask opt-out for their child and does not want his/her child to wear a mask; and
g. a parent signature.

Office staff will keep the original and provide students with a copy of their letter, so they can show school or district personnel if needed. The choice will also be designated in SIS. As stated previously, the school will not accept emailed or faxed notification/documentation.

If your child previously turned in a letter to the Main Office and was given a copy of the letter, then there is nothing else to do. We have already inputted that information into SIS.