SY21 Winter Diagnostics Calendar 1/22 - 1/27

SY21 Diagnostics Schedule: 6-8 ELA, 6-8 Math, Civics, & 8th Science (90 minutes)

  • Look at the calendar below for the SY21 Diagnostics Schedule. Bold and Underlined Periods designate the diagnostics or assessment.
  • The bell schedule has been altered. Pay special attention to January 26th (school begins in Period 8) & January 27th (school begins with Period 7).
  • All students must take, complete, and submit all assigned/required diagnostics.
  • Diagnostics will be completed and submitted during the appropriate class time (accommodations will be given when needed).
  • Students must give their best effort and adhere to the directions provided.
  • Students will not receive a grade unless they do not complete and submit a required diagnostic - an unsubmitted diagnostic(s) will result in a "zero" grade for the appropriate class.
  • Algebra and Geometry students will take an assessment (not a diagnostic), which will result in a grade.
  • Make-up days will be January 28th and 29th (diagnostics must be submitted no later than 1/29/21).
  • If you have questions, please ask your teacher.